AI-XDR SASE-as-a-Platform.

Not if, but now.

What if CloudCover’s AI-XDR could…

Respond to network security threat in microseconds.
Reject all unwanted malware with pinpoint accuracy.
Reside everywhere on network, on-premise or cloud.
Experience generative-AI machine learning security threat prevention.
Realize risk aware/control of “never-before-seen-known” malware.
Fastest most accurate cybersecurity to feel cyber-safe everywhere.
Cybersecurity insurance were to control risk of breach anywhere.
$1 Million Ransomware Warranty guaranteed.
Not if, but an AI-insured Firewall Everywhere™

XDR/SASE. Zero Trust proven!

“The CC/B1 technology enforces 100% Zero Trust at the network level by verifying and validating each and every network connection regardless of packet’s north-south origin or east-west destination.”

CloudCover CTO/CSO

“CloudCover appears to be on the cusp of a new [cyber] risk management solution that can potentially revolutionize the cybersecurity protection need of the current IT security marketplace. Impressive.”

Robert Rodriguez

“CloudCover got my attention after several discussions. Following a proof of concept [pen-test] by myself and my engineering team, we determined that CC/B1 was a more advanced solution, compared to its competitors.”

Head of Security Applications

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Generative-AI XDR/SASE Automated Threat Management™ Platform

Generative-AI XDR/SASE

CloudCover’s B1 (CC/B1) generatively learns with AI-based mathematical deep analysis, then acts on this learning by stopping the “never-seen — never-before-known” malware signature threats in microseconds at near zero-false positive accuracy. Game-changer!

SASE Aware & Control

CC/B1 provides seamless security of the customer’s entire network, orchestrating third-party endpoint security including network switch infrasturcture utilizing ACL native protocols augmenting agent-based security solutions.

XDR Multi-Directional

CloudCover multi-directionally extends network detection of all ingress-egress traffic that can compromise the network. CC/B1 deep inspects, mitigates all network lateral traffic with amazing accuracy.

Firewall Everywhere™

The CC/B1 extends the IoT network security perimeter of your visible network, detecting and deflecting malware compromise at all of the network’s entry points, at the TLS handshake. It’s like having a Firewall Everywhere™.

Agnostic Orchestration

CC/B1 is designed to be a smarter, seamless enhancement to your security infrastructure, by orchestrating all agent-based security network devices utilizing a patent API-ACL method.  CC/B1 is not a “rip-and-replace” solution, and therein enhances and improves your current security investment.

$1M Ransomware Warranty!

We provide the security industry’s first $1 Million Ransomware Warranty guaranteed by CloudCover, backed by Munich Re. CloudCover is an AI-insured Firewall Everywhere™.