CloudCover™               CyberSafety Platform™

AI/XDR SASE Automated Risk Control

AI XDR/SASE CyberSafety Platform™

Risk Aware — Network security threat identified in microseconds.

Risk Control — Zero-day event mitigated with near perfect accuracy.

Risk Transfer — Cyber insured AI-generative Firewall Everywhere™

U.S. infrastructure has been under serious attack all 2023-24.

Pro-Russian hacking groups have been bombarding U.S. government with DDoS attacks, including Killnet, REvil and Anonymous Sudan.

Serious impacts from the Microsoft 365 office suite interruptions were also reported peaking at 18,000 outage problems reports daily in 2023.

Twitter, Microsoft said Outlook, Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are continously affected daily.

Attacks continue throughout healthcare markets including the United Health Group that reported the most expansive data breaches ever concerning personal information.

CloudCover protected customers who never experienced zero-day attacks, including Solar Winds or the Log4j 2021 breach. How?

CloudCover defends against “never-before-seen” zero-day events automatically with near perfect zero-false positive results operating at millisecond speed. Thus, the fastest most precise automated managed threat prevention solution in the world.

A perfect record is revered. When it comes to sports, undefeated teams are put on a pedestal and rightly so. Finding a cybersecurity solution with a perfect record is unheard of, an enigma, a unicorn, well almost.

How is this possible?

CloudCover’s gen-AI platform is engineered as an automated extended threat detection prevention Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution performing precise threat prevention at microsecond response speeds within network.

The underlying risk aware, risk control capability operates as an AI/ML “precise mathematic model” (PMM) performing “mirrored” packet inspection of network egress-ingress edge traffic automatically performing threat prevention by neutralizing malware with 0.0000001% zero-false positve accuracy.

CloudCover is the world’s first cybersecurity AI-centric Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution that operates as a real time risk analytic scored and rated, “active risk control” XDR/SASE threat prevention platform. CloudCover’s CyberSafety Platform records all network IT “security risk” events incrementally onto a patented policy-based blockchain utilizing a patented risk underwriting method that performs active risk scoring, risk rating and threat control within a millisecond.

CloudCover CyberSafety Platform

Firewall Everywhere™

AI-XDR/SASE, Zero-Trust proven.

“The CC/B1 technology enforces 100% Zero Trust at the network level by verifying and validating each and every network connection regardless of packet’s north-south origin or east-west destination.”
CloudCover CTO/CSO
“CloudCover appears to be on the cusp of a new [cyber] risk management solution that can potentially revolutionize the cybersecurity protection need of the current IT security marketplace. Impressive.”
Robert Rodriguez
“CloudCover got my attention after several discussions. Following a proof of concept [pen-test] by myself and my engineering team, we determined that CC/B1 was a more advanced solution, compared to its competitors.”
Head of Security Applications
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AI-XDR SASE Active Risk Control Threat Management Platform™


CloudCover is unique AI/ML network-centric security functioning as a secure access service edge “firewall everywhere” within a corporate network. It protects all egress-ingress data in-transit between any device on network by stopping “never-before-seen” zero-day malware with zero false-positive accuracy. Game-changer!

Real-time Active Risk Score

The CCIRUS™ active risk aware/control score is embedded into our CC/B1 (dashboard) which produces the corporate network infrastructure’s cyber security risk metric for real time network risk understanding and assists underwriting cybersecurity insurance in real time.

AI/ML Threat Prevention

CloudCover extends AI/ML network detection of all ingress-egress traffic that can compromise the network. CC/B1 ‘shallow’ packet inspects and mitigates all network traffic both north-south as well as lateral east-west with unmatched precision and speed.

Firewall Everywhere™

We designed the CC/B1 to extend the IoT network security perimeter of your visible network, detecting and deflecting malware compromise at all of the network’s entry points, at the TLS handshake. It’s your Firewall Everywhere™.

Agnostic Orchestration

CC/B1 is designed to be a smarter, seamless enhancement to your security infrastructure, by orchestrating all agent-based security network devices utilizing a patent API/ACL method.  CC/B1 is not a “rip-and-replace” solution, and therein enhances and improves your current security investment.

$1M Ransomware Warranty!

We provide the security industry’s first $1 Million Ransomware Warranty guaranteed by CloudCover, backed by Munich Re. CloudCover is an AI-insured Firewall Everywhere™.